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Thank You

kickstarterLearning to play online

Several years ago, I started teaching in London’s West End, in the musical hub of our city. I felt it a necessary place to be, despite the obvious charges that having a school at that location would incur.

My school has been a financial challenge, as I have had to pay for its redevelopment out of my own pocket. The basement was a very dark dirty, dusty place before I got at it! Now, however, it’s bright with flat ceilings and concealed lights which give it a more modern look. Comfortable too, if I say so myself.

Now though, I need to get the next logical step in place, as an online resource, not only opens up a new market for us, but adds a resource for my students, where I shall leave the lessons which show the way to approach the many aspects of technique, reading, styles that make up the vast array of info they require. It was a simple request by a student, to “once more film me” using the camera on his phone, that began a conversation that finally got through my thick skull as a great idea!

And today…

This was over a year ago. I want to thank all you good people from Kickstarter land, you have helped my dream of an online Drum School become a reality. To that end I shall be throwing back the covers in the next 21 days!

Strange to think my physical site for my School has moved across Denmark st now, and we reside in what was once the rehearsal space and home of the Sex Pistols! The place described above was 20 Denmark st, which is being pulled apart as we speak.

It has long been my ambition to expand the School, not just the Drum department, but that meant working out how best to approach this until the idea of my online lessons.

There have been immense hurdles and challenges along the way but I am putting the finishing touches to it, with the aid of my noble Web specialist Neil Rigby. Neil and his team have been working hard alongside me, to make sure I present it in the best light possible. Well we are almost there, so give us time to dust off the covers and reveal our exciting new venture.

Im sure you will be just as excited to see, it as we are to realise it.

All the best for now!



Here is the list of all who helped to realise this venture on KickStarter, you have my eternal thanks, we would not be in this happy place without you all.

Jai Montanaro

James Brett

Roger Woolman

Suzanne Heath

John Armes

Michael Lord

Theo Pape

Joseph Balfe Banaau

Rob Cottingham

Luke Clarke

Elaine Cruse

Mini Kingman

Greg Ruggieri

Susannah Beard

Ro Olufunwa

Volker Warncke

Diana Martone Zamani

Robert Grant

Roger Emmott

Vanessa Williamson

Tony Bridgeman

Peter Lawrence

Tina Serrano

John Burke

Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons

Gary Barnes

Denise Martone Freda

Nigel Appleton

Annette Berberich

Hans Berberich

Donny Dee

Stephen Betts

Peter Slade

Paul Johnson

David Beard

Luke Evans

Mark Kenyon

Chris Elliott

Luke Clarke

Nancy Matarazzo Moore

Alan Caskie

Rick Pauline

Christopher Chennell

Amanda Simmons

Sabine Fasold

Stephen Pallister

Robert Juckett

Ray Loboda

Sue Davies-Scourfield

Catherine Burke