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One-to-One vocal lessons in Central London


At the Gary O’Toole School of Music our aim is to guide you to becoming the best singer and performer that you can be. Lessons will looking at developing excellent breathing and placement technique, expanding vocal registers and a sense of confidence in yourself, all the while looking to place a firm belief that singing should be a relaxed and tension free affair.

Lessons are 1 hour at £50. Our students will book in once a week but this is entirely up to you and your development as each of us are different.

Beginners Vocals

  • An introduction to breathing
  • Becoming aware of your natural register
  • The anatomy of your voice
  • Developing a sense of placement
  • Singing through your first few songs!

Intermediate Vocals

  • Blending vocal registers together to create a connected voice
  • Gently increasing the vocal register further
  • Learning to master dynamics across the vocal range
  • Choosing songs in an aim to perform them

Advanced Vocals

  • Looking to master performance
  • Studying different genres throughout music
  • Controlling dynamic through a mixed voice
  • Complete control over anatomy of voice
  • Learn how to become one of the band!

The three main areas of focus are technique, understanding and repertoire with the combination of all of them focused towards making you a confident, competent and all around singer and musician. Most important we love to see passion and commitment! A love of music will carry you extremely far.


To book vocals lessons with any department just call 07778 157 034 (10am-7pm) or book online:

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Nick Varey
Guitar, Vocals, Piano