Piano / Keyboards Lessons

One-to-One Piano and Keyboard lessons in Central London


Piano lessons at the Gary O’Toole School of Music will help you to develop in different styles, develop the techniques needed to master compositions and songs and develop your all-round musicianship.

Lessons are 1 hour at £50. Our students will book in once a week, but this is entirely up to you and your development, as each of us are different.


  • Introduction to the layout of the piano
  • C major, G major, E minor and A minor scales
  • What are chords?
  • Left hand and right hand syncopation


  • Grades 3-5 Trinity or ABRSM boards
  • Furthering techniques using Hanon and Cerny exercises
  • Starting to look at different styles
  • A strong sense of theory to use at your disposal


  • How to play with others. What not to play and what to play!
  • Advanced techniques
  • Mastering arpeggios, scales, major and minor types
  • Extended chords and jazz standards
  • Grades 5-8

The three main areas of focus are technique, understanding and repertoire with the combination of all of them focused towards making you a confident, competent and all around pianist and musician. Most important we love to see passion and commitment! A love of music will carry you extremely far.

To book piano lessons call 07778 157 034 (10am-7pm) or book online:

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