Learning to play online

Open the doors to your creativity by using the rudiments of drumming to build your songs.

As a professional, I have used all of this information, and you should also understand how to use these rudiments in a creative fashion.

I often ask myself and you will need to too – how do I build a song? …how do I build my performance? …how do I get to the level occupied by the great players of all time?.

Well, now I will show you, not just a load of licks, but how to use them, and more importantly, how to make them unique and your own!

So step through each lesson, each exercise, knowing it is to be fully understood to enable you to use it properly.

If you choose to come and have a lesson with me I will be able to answer any question about this material, and bring other material you might like, into the arena of learning in the practice room.

What is important, is that you do a gig with this at the back of your mind so you might easily draw on this info, at a subconscious level, rather than having to read every idea from the page.

Now go practice!