Guitar Lessons

One-to-One Guitar lessons in Central London


By taking guitar lessons at the Gary O’Toole School you will not only develop as a player but as an all around musician from beginner to advanced.

Lessons are £50 for 1 hour with an introductory offer of £200 for 5 lessons. Our students will book in once a week but this is entirely up to you and your development as each of us are different with different interests and goals at heart. We are flexible so let’s work together!


  • Strumming patterns and plectrum grip
  • Comfortable and natural hand positions and curling the fingers
  • Learning your first chords (what are chords?!)
  • Picking riffs and melodies
  • Your first few songs and onwards!


  • A defined set of practice routines
  • Focused technical exercises
  • Grasping and developing articulations such as slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs
  • A rounded approach to theory – tailored personally, of course!
  • Learning the difference between rhythm and lead guitar
  • Mastering your favourite tunes


  • Jazz standards and advanced harmony
  • Extended chord substitutions and altered scales
  • Furthering all around performance and musicianship skills
  • How to apply techniques to a live performance
  • Delving into different genres

The three main areas of focus are technique, understanding and repertoire with the combination of all of them focused towards making you a confident, competent and all around guitarist and musician. Most important we love to see passion for music and commitment to learning. Small steps can take you very far so let’s enjoy the journey together!

PS. If you can bring your own guitar that’s great, but if you don’t we can supply you with a suitable guitar for you to use during your lesson.


Each guitar lesson is £50 for 1 hour. Children’s guitar lessons are £25 for 30 minutes.

To book your guitar lessons call 07778 157 034 (10am-7pm)


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