One-to-One drum lessons in Central London

Our drum lessons are goal oriented, organised and guaranteed to help you improve your drumming

Our drum lessons are one-to-one, and generally happen once a week, but you can arrange more frequent drum lessons than this if you want. The drum lessons will be focused on your development as a player, and during the first lesson you will decide on the course of action for future drum lessons.

Each online drum lesson is £50 per hour or 40 minutes at £35. Children’s drum lessons are £25 for 30 minutes. It’s always great if you have your own drum kit, but if you don’t, a drum kit can be provided at the school for you to use during lessons.

We take pride in your development and only ask that you practice in two ways:

  • That you do the exercises set by the teacher each week, and get them understood by your next lesson.
  • That you then have a little fun playing along with tracks and getting to feel some of the exercises and how they sound when used with music you like.

Have fun – that’s what inspires us!


To book lessons with any department just call 07778 157 034 (10am-7pm) or book online:

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Meet your teacher…


Gary O’Toole