Audio/Music Technology Lessons

One-to-One audio/music technology lessons in Central London

sidephoto-musictech-resplashOur audio/music technology lessons are one-to-one, and generally happen once per week. Our experienced tutors can help across a wide range of areas.

Are you just starting out? Is there a specific style of music you want to get better at producing? Maybe you’re looking to get a more solid grounding in the theory behind the technology? Or do you just need some specific pointers to get better at mixing?

Each lesson is £50 for 1 hour, and depending on your intentions you can expect to cover some of the following areas:

Core Knowledge

  • Understanding the Gear – FX, Dynamics processors, microphones, mixers, routing
  • Analogue/Digital theory
  • Loudness/psychoacoustics

Music Production

  • Recording techniques / Microphone types
  • Synthesis + Sampling
  • Editing
  • Mixing

Live sound

  • Acoustics
  • Miking techniques
  • Feedback control
  • Mixing

Post Production

  • Sound Design
  • Professional workflow
  • Editing dialogue, music and FX
  • Mixing

At the school we primarily use Pro Tools and Logic. Most audio technology/software shares the same principles meaning that if you learn on one system, you should be able to apply your knowledge on a different one. However, students are more than welcome to bring in their own laptops to deal with specific examples, or look at other pieces of software.

To book audio/music technology lessons with any department just call 07778 157 034 (10am-7pm) or book online:

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Your teachers:


Jack Ashley
Drums, Audio/Music Tech