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Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals and Music Tech lessons at Denmark Street in London’s West End, Central London

Here at the Gary O’Toole School of Music we feel the best way to approach learning and developing an instrument is regular lessons and practice. You may have limited time available but want to play and have fun, or become a professional player, which does require a lot of hard work and practice, but it’s really worth it in the end.

We offer continuous development across all levels of players, or we can help out if you just need to buff up for an upcoming gig or exam. It’s your call!

The lessons are one to one, and generally happen once per week, but you can arrange more frequent lessons than this if you wish. The lessons will be focused on your development as a player, and during the first lesson you will decide on the course of action for future lessons.

Lessons and Prices

Each lesson is £30 for 40 minutes. Children’s lessons are £25 for 30 minutes.

It’s always great if you have your own instrument, but if you don’t, instruments can be provided at the school for you to use during lessons.

We take pride in your development and only ask that you practice in two ways:

  • That you do the exercises set by the teacher each week, and get them understood by your next lesson.
  • That you then have a little fun playing along with tracks and getting to feel some of the exercises and how they sound when used with music you like. Have fun – that’s what inspires us!

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