Good or Bad Guage

Find out how good you are!

Here I am once again with little or no time to spare! This is where you find out how good you are! “Why?” I hear you ask, well its simple. A Doctor goes to school for years and learns his/her craft. Goes into hospital to help people and learn on the job. Then may decide […]

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My experience began at 2!

Forming who you are as a musician I realised my earliest recollection was at the age of 2, going in a taxi with my Dad to see my new born sister Sue. We have always been a close knit family, with my youngest sister Jai. So it was that we would step on stage, each […]

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Gary O'Toole Xen-Do Grading

Another week rock ‘n’ rolls by!

Another week rolls by and Christmas gets ever closer! I know it will be busy as we approach this festive period. What a week that was, I have been pulling photos and videos together, and filming for Steve Hacketts video about the album. Getting more ads ready for the School too. As I set about […]

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Nick Beggs on bass

What a couple of weeks!

Morning all, what a couple of weeks that was. Phew! Apologies for not being present last week there was simply to much to do! “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, to begin with I was asked by Steve Hackett to play on his latest album. However, this time it’s a little different. You see previously, […]

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Gary O'Toole at the Drums

Aligning your purpose and goals

It makes a difference every day, when you begin by aligning your purpose and goals first thing We each have our very own list, but here is how I set things out. I think about the order of things that need to be done. 1. Drum practice is very important to me, its what I do. I go […]

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GOT School of Music

How do we learn?

An interesting question which besets every student, not just in Music, but life and business. It’s usually good to have something you care about to focus on. My love of music led me to playing Drums. I had tried Bass, Piano and Guitar, which I now play again, before settling on Drums. My voice was […]

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