Our new home at Foote’s

Come and learn music in the heart of Fitzrovia! Here we are then in our lovely new home of Footes Music at 41 Store Street! I never realised this area was called Fitzrovia, didn’t even know such an area existed, but its lovely. The chaps here at Foote’s are not only helpful but very aware […]

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Good or Bad Guage

Find out how good you are!

Here I am once again with little or no time to spare! This is where you find out how good you are! “Why?” I hear you ask, well its simple. A Doctor goes to school for years and learns his/her craft. Goes into hospital to help people and learn on the job. Then may decide […]

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My experience began at 2!

Forming who you are as a musician I realised my earliest recollection was at the age of 2, going in a taxi with my Dad to see my new born sister Sue. We have always been a close knit family, with my youngest sister Jai. So it was that we would step on stage, each […]

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Gary O'Toole Xen-Do Grading

Another week rock ‘n’ rolls by!

Another week rolls by and Christmas gets ever closer! I know it will be busy as we approach this festive period. What a week that was, I have been pulling photos and videos together, and filming for Steve Hacketts video about the album. Getting more ads ready for the School too. As I set about […]

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Nick Beggs on bass

What a couple of weeks!

Morning all, what a couple of weeks that was. Phew! Apologies for not being present last week there was simply to much to do! “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, to begin with I was asked by Steve Hackett to play on his latest album. However, this time it’s a little different. You see previously, […]

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Gary O'Toole at the Drums

Aligning your purpose and goals

It makes a difference every day, when you begin by aligning your purpose and goals first thing We each have our very own list, but here is how I set things out. I think about the order of things that need to be done. 1. Drum practice is very important to me, its what I do. I go […]

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