Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our students say about us:

I am a budding 64 year old drummer who had a desire to become a ‘proper’ musician and have the ability to read drum music. Both Gary and Jack have the skill, flexibility and patience to encourage and build confidence to help me achieve my ambition, I just literally need to play my part!


It has been a pleasure to learn from both Gary and Jack – their professionalism and patience combined with a relaxed environment make for a great experience. I think their passion for drumming and music in general is very important as well.

I would like to thank Nick for being a great teacher. The songs we have chosen for me to learn are great and the practice sessions are really enjoyable.

Andre has now been taking guitar lessons with Nick for just over a year now, and the progress he has made is amazing. From a “raw musician” who only strummed on an acoustic guitar progressing to electric and now playing a range of music which is enjoyable to listen to. Andre really enjoys the lessons and the style Nick has taught him – he is a great tutor and we would like to thank him for all the enthusiasm he has put into teaching Andre.
Andre, and Mike & Ana (Andre’s parents)

I started guitar lessons with Nick about a year ago after an unsatisfactory experience with another teacher and some self-teaching CDs. I have nothing but praise for Nick. He is a natural teacher and I have made some really satisfying progress, playing Bob Dylan and Van Morrison songs and getting a huge amount of pleasure from practising even while I know there is still a long way to go! Nick is excellent at taking things slowly and really honing the basic skills. He notices so much, from finger positioning to posture. He is methodical in setting practice exercises and encouraging you when you make progress. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

I decided to get singing lessons to improve my confidence in singing and strengthen my voice. I was not sure about how good I’d be able to get but after a couple of lessons I was well and truly proved wrong! I can recommend Nick, he is a very friendly, patient and very enthusiastic, who creates a relaxed atmosphere during the lesson which is exactly what you need from a singing teacher!