Our new home at Foote’s

Come and learn music in the heart of Fitzrovia!

Here we are then in our lovely new home of Footes Music at 41 Store Street! I never realised this area was called Fitzrovia, didn’t even know such an area existed, but its lovely.

The chaps here at Foote’s are not only helpful but very aware of the new and current product in the market, so they will be able to advise on any of your gear questions around drums!

Its nice to be in a place that is focused on Drums after years in the basement or back of a guitar shop in Denmark Street.

We have had to change our structure a little regarding prices and lesson times due to the timings in force at the shop, but we still serve Drummers from Beginners to Pros.

It is often a tough thing walking into a new place, a new environment to start lessons with someone, no matter what level of teacher, or indeed player they are.

The fact is I am aware of this and I always strive to keep it real and down to earth as we must work together to help you become the best you can be!

I am a good player and I have seen the world through this life of music, as I have toured everywhere for the last 20 years in particular.

I am very grateful to the wonderful people I have been lucky enough to spend that time with on the road. The Steve Hackett band, and more recently The Dire Straits Experience.

It is now that I believe my journey into helping others develop as players and have their own journey, must begin in earnest.

You can never say never, but I want to have my students see and grasp the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to call memories.

These help me explain what is to come, or what may be expected of any situation you might encounter as a player now today!

I don’t mind what style you prefer my only question is how can you best move forward and develop in that direction and which exercises and songs will best serve your desire to play this music.

So give me a call and lets see if I can book you in to take your drumming to the next level and beyond.

Remember to Live, Laugh and play a little Drums. Always!


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