Another week rock ‘n’ rolls by!

Another week rolls by and Christmas gets ever closer!

Sex Pistols in Concert

The School’s famous ex-tenants

I know it will be busy as we approach this festive period. What a week that was, I have been pulling photos and videos together, and filming for Steve Hacketts video about the album. Getting more ads ready for the School too.

As I set about coming up with new lessons and better ads, I am sat in my studio working through ideas, and looking at the competition out there to keep up with the great ideas people are coming up with. It gives me inspiration for my own site and lessons from week to week. It also enables me to grow as a person and player.

I have been through so many books and videos recently that I am currently focusing on hand technique lessons for all my students. It means you can relax and get the flow from your sticks and pedals, and by natural extension, your playing. I find it amazing when I sit down with a pad and pair of sticks, especially if both are new and I get to feel that bounce and its like realisation of how to play all over again. Its really invigorating!

The video recording went well with Nick for Guitar lessons and they will be online soon, and the ads for that are next on the agenda. Lots of our students have told me how much they enjoy the lessons particularly the environment, being surrounded by Rock ‘n’ Roll history where the Sex Pistols lived and rehearsed it is certainly a buzz. Its also great to have natural daylight coming into the rooms.

Gary O'Toole Xen-Do Grading

Xen-Do 2nd Dan at Kickboxing

On a personal note, there has also been the little matter of a long sought after goal of my 2nd Dan at Kickboxing. I cant underline how staying fit has helped my focus especially as I approach the launch of the online site. There has been so much to do that I needed to have a clear mind to help me make some decisions. It was a tough day but proud to say I passed. Its the same feeling of elation you get from a great gig! The pay off if you like.

If anybody is interested in doing martial arts at Xen-Do let me know and I will give you contact details for the school in Goodge Street or Baker Street.

Thats it for now, looking forward to telling you what we get done next time!




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