What a couple of weeks!

Morning all, what a couple of weeks that was. Phew!

Apologies for not being present last week there was simply to much to do!

“Why?” I hear you ask.

Well, to begin with I was asked by Steve Hackett to play on his latest album. However, this time it’s a little different. You see previously, I would have a visit from Roger King to set up mics and actually record the kit for whatever tracks we were doing. This time however, it was all down to me to record them. Roger was very busy with The Mute Gods album, so he couldn’t come over. That left me in sole charge. It did mean however that I had to go through all my notes on how to improve the recorded sound of a drum kit from the beginning.

The Mute Gods band

The Mute Gods: Nick Beggs, Roger King and Marco Minnemann.

I have done a few other projects where I recorded the drums myself – for Nad Sylvan on his first solo album, and Nick Beggs for his Mute Gods album – but now it was important that I go over my ideas with a fine tooth comb to get the proper resulting tracks. It took an extra few days to get the setup ready to Rock, but then it was down to recording and checking it was all good for Roger to add to the album.

I believe it was what they wanted, so it remains to be seen how much of it makes the album but I am, as always, optimistic.

Its really important once you do something like this that you are able to let go of the end product. Its not my name on the album, so although I went to a lot of trouble to get the right sounds, it may be decided afterwards that its not what they wanted, and then its either re recorded with someone else, or a bunch of samples are attached to your recording to give them the sound required for the track. This has happened before, but at least your performance is used as the basic template to which the other sounds are attached. I don’t agree with that approach as it seems like a waste of money, but then once you work as a session musician for someone, that can be the outcome. So I hold my breath and hope for the best.

I confess I also have a lot of editing to do to get the online drum lessons ready. These are my sounds, so I feel comfortable about the sound I have on each lesson. Thing is, there are so many lessons with different cameras it simply takes a lot of time. Editing the audio is one job, then cutting the angles and checking edits and transition fades. I have learned so much about this process, but recently about the frustration of updated software that takes the tools you use and places them somewhere “better” (else) on your edit page! I spent hours looking for tools I knew existed, but wasn’t aware where they had been placed, or if they had been renamed!

So, here we are then! The first wave of adverts have gone out, and I sold my SG to fund it! The ads are for the school in Denmark Street, and we all hope to see more people come for lessons. It really will be nice when I can start the regular workshop classes again, and then we begin building more of a community spirit into what we do, where we are.

Lets see what the next 2 weeks tell us!



P.S. Sunday will bring my 2nd Dan grading in Xen-Do kickboxing. I hope to be the proud owner of it when next I add to my blog. If there are cameras I will add pictures!

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