How do we learn?

An interesting question which besets every student, not just in Music, but life and business.

GOT School of MusicIt’s usually good to have something you care about to focus on. My love of music led me to playing Drums. I had tried Bass, Piano and Guitar, which I now play again, before settling on Drums. My voice was really the first instrument, but, as it seemed so easy, I thought I was somehow cheating. Amazing that we can place hurdles in our way before we even really get started.

Once you settle on, in this instance, an instrument its important to be aware of the simple things. Playing slow, getting to play all your exercises in time and keeping the volume at a steady level, dynamic control.

As I teach my students to read they must take time to understand the space between the notes and rests as that will be how they play evenly. Further to that its important to realise how the instrument feels, and relax into the flow. When we play Drums in particular it’s very important to understand the feeling as your limbs play the grooves, and that becomes the feeling we are concerned with. If we are tense it doesn’t feel comfortable, and we cannot work at the fast rate of note flow we want to.

All of this starts with the simple! The hands playing an exercise reading quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes, must be relaxed and remember that even though they are simple note exercises we are playing, actually they are all fills which we will later spread around the Drumset!

We learn rudiments to get us into playing kit, just as Piano, Bass or Guitar students learn to master scales. They are the same thing, corner stones for our playing. They must be even and at a regular volume.

I have to check myself when doing my Guitar lessons, and practice to be disciplined with all these ideas. You should to, as it will have a profound effect on your playing.

My week has been sprinkled with other interesting developments as I further understand the world of advertising. It’s another world, but as long as I take it slow, understand my decisions which ad to put out there. Make sure all the spelling is correct and I have made the point I wish to get across, in the most succinct way possible, we should do well.

I am only applying the exact principles I used to learn an instrument, to learn another discipline/business.

Hope this finds you all well.



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