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Getting a move on…

Gary O'Toole at a gig

“There just isn’t a right time, it just has to start now! ” Advice I have been given many times, and now I am taking it! Its been over 12 months, so it’s about time!

The school site is re-launched today 1st November, and are we looking forward to the journey!

I have taken time over the past 18 months to learn a thing or two about – such as photography and which camera I should use to film lessons.

Then there is the software to edit film and sound. So I buy Final Cut Pro to go to work on the visual, and I upgrade my Cubase to Cubase Pro for the audio, which is a big learning curve also.

Then there are the mics I use to record, and what levels and EQ do I use, so I learned more about audio engineering.

Now put that beside the new interface to lead the microphones into the computer, there were a lot of owners manuals.

Next was the marketing side, which I am just getting my head around, to better sell the school and build for the future as I know its going to grow now.

Finally, there is the Online School, which I will kick off with Drums. I intend to have a free video lesson up there each week to show how to do certain things, and they will be expanded upon in Garys Online Drum School. That may be a week or so away, but this was the start I wanted, and here we are.

I have been working hard on this and it feels as though the real journey is just about to start.

I will be keeping you all up to date with what is happening at the school, and on stage. Not just for me, but the teachers at the school who are excellent players and performers in their own right!

I bid you welcome to the new site, the new setup and our new way of expanding our knowledge to help all of you aspiring musicians who look to us for guidance.

I’m looking forward to this journey, its been good so far, and we barely even started!



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