Aligning your purpose and goals

It makes a difference every day, when you begin by aligning your purpose and goals first thing

We each have our very own list, but here is how I set things out. I think about the order of things that need to be done.

Festival Gary O'Toole at the Drums

1. Drum practice is very important to me, its what I do. I go through rudimental warm ups and solos, then some reading from New Breed or some new charts. Next I will go through some polyrhythm stuff, before starting with a little play-along.

At the minute I am running through Gavin Harrison’s book “Rhythmic Designs” which I must say is a challenge. I also love Jazz, Funk and Prog, so I get to work through songs in those genres. There are exercises I can go through to, but importantly only if I have covered any work that has come in, like in the next few days I must set up my big kit at home, and record Drums for the new Steve Hackett album, in my home studio. I have to get the tuning of the kit correct as it’s a sound Steve particularly asks for. So as I am doing it myself, it may take a while. In the end I just hope he likes and uses my tracks.

Research for students lessons comes under the same bracket. So anything I practice will one day turn into a lesson.

2. Business tasks/ideas for the school being completed daily, as well as the normal tooing and froing of the business.

3. I love to work out to, and that helps me think straight especially with an early start. I personally like to start the day with training at Xen-Do Kickboxing in Baker Street. I am approaching my next grading, so working out quite hard at the minute.

4. Another piece of the puzzle is recording lessons for Gary’s Online Drum School. I find having a goal of how many videos I will get recorded and mixed each week, helps define what my practice contains and how long it lasts.

So there is an order to work through.

If you work out your schedule it doesn’t need to be in the same order as long as you do it all.

Each of these things are cut into smaller pieces, so when you finish one, you get straight to the next piece. Then on to the next item on the agenda.

It’s all go and we are aiming to “Reach for the Stars” as they say.

With your help,


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